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Security & Rfid
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Jignasa Techno Solutions - Security & Rfid

The Security Of Information Between Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags And Readers Is Only Now Being Strengthened To Meet Commercial Needs With Gen 2 Tags. Tags That Present Surmountable Barriers For Compromise Represent A Potential Supply Chain Disruption Opportunity. In The Extreme, Such Disruptions Might Include The Purposeful Re-programming Of Tags To Reflect Errant Weight, Quantity Or Size Information.


Technology Has Proven To Be Reliable, Especially In Supply Chains, And Is Already Showing Tremendous Benefits. But An Automated Supply Chain Mandates The Necessity For Data Privacy, Identity And Non-refutability, And Organizations Should Ensure The RFID Technology They Adopt Supports Their Security Requirements. Companies Need To Be Aware Of The Security Risks, Such As Profiling, Eavesdropping, Denial Of Service Attacks And Inventory Jamming.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags, Which Are Microchips Fitted With Antennas. An RFID Reader Can Radio A Query To The Tag, Causing It To Return The Data It Contains–in This Case, An Identification Number That Lets Customs Agents Retrieve Information About The Cardholder From A Government Database. The Idea Is That Instant Access To Biographical Data, A Photo, And The Results Of Terrorist And Criminal Background Checks Will Help Agents Move People Through The Border Efficiently. RFID Technology, However, Has Been Raising Privacy Concerns Since It Was Introduced.With Multiple Standards And Developers Seeking To Gain The Upper Hand Through Their Own Intellectual Property, Many Businesses Are Adopting The Technology Before It Is Fully Ripened, Which Includes Any Unresolved Issues Surrounding Security.

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